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Steps for VAT Registration in Delhi

03 May
VAT Registration in Delhi

Steps for VAT Registration in Delhi

STEP 1 – First of all visit website of DVAT Department using following URL.


        Then go to New Registration Segment.

 STEP2 – Fill this form very carefully which you will get after you click on NEW REGISTRATION.


        Whose Moto is to get the information of Proprietor/Partner/Authorised Signatory

       For their respective PAN verification by the department.

       After submitting this form you will receive first confirmation mail from Helpdesk  DVAT.

STEP 3 – Now your PAN verification may took 1-4 days and after which you will receive second confirmation mail from Help desk DVAT.

STEP 4 – Again visit site using first URL and go to Dealer login segment.


        Use Reference no as User ID and Mobile No as password that you have received in second        confirmation in Step 3.

        Now it require you to change your existing password (which was your mobile number) to new password.

STEP 5 – Then you need to start fill registration form ; for which go to Part A of DVAT 4  Segment and fill and save it wisely.

         Similar process shall be done for Part B ,Part C & Part D.

STEP 6 – Go to CST —- segment and fill Form —- only if you want to register your dealer for CST also.


STEP 7 – Upload the scanned requisite documents in PDF Format.

STEP 8 – Now it is the time for you to make payment of Court Fee either through online mode or offline mode.

       Rs.1000 for VAT REGISTRATION

       Rs.1000 + Rs.25 for VAT + CST REGISTRATION

If you choose to make payment through online mode then you can see your payment record here only but it may take 1-2 days and until it reflect here as paid ,further process is not possible.

STEP 9 – Go to submit section and submit it.

STEP 10 – Take print out.

NOTE : – SOURCE OF PICTURES TAKEN IS “ http://dvat.gov.in/website/home.html”

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