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Copyright is a form of intellectual property that grants the creator of an original work, exclusive rights to its use and distribution, usually for a limited time, with the intention of enabling the creator of intellectual wealth to receive compensation for their work. Original works of authorship such as literary works (including computer programs, tables and compilations), dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings. In short everything that can be penned into a paper having created solely by its author


1. Name, address and nationality of the applicant.
2. Name, address and nationality of the author of the work.
3. Nature of applicant’s interest in the copyright i.e. OWNER / LICENSEE etc.
4. Title of the work .
5. A declaration signed by the author (if different from the applicant).
6. Language of the work .
7. Whether the work is published or unpublished.
8. If the work is published, year and country of first publication and name, address and nationality of the publisher.
9. Year and countries of subsequent publications, if any.
10. Name, address and nationality of any other person authorized to assign or license the rights in the copyright.
11. Special Power of attorney for the firm*.
12. Six hard copies of the work and three soft copies(For computer programs – 3 copies of the program on CD ROMs.)

What can be covered under a Copyright?

1. Literary work (i.e. books, articles, notes, texts, etc.)
2. Cinematographic film and photographs.
3. Software or computer program.
4. Work of architecture.
5. Sound recording (i.e. song, record, cassette, CD, etc.)
6. Websites, web content, home pages.
7. Artistic work (i.e. Logo, design, etc.)
8. Dramatic and musical work (i.e. skit, play, movie, etc.)

Procedure for the grant of copyright in India

1. The application with complete details is filed.
2. Thereafter, the application is examined and objections, if any, are raised thereto
3. The certificate is issued by the copyright office after the objections, if any, are removed to the satisfaction of the department.