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Indirect Taxes Services

Indirect Taxes Services


i.Consultancy on matters related to Sales Tax including Tax planning.
ii.Preparation of VAT (Value Added Tax) returns.
iii.Filing of Electronic/Manual VAT returns.
iv.Help in obtaining statutory forms.
v.Liaison with VAT authorities.
vi.Getting Sales Tax Assessments done.
vii.Filing and pleading appeals wherever necessary

2.Custom & Excise Consultancy

Custom Consultancy Custom Excise Consultancy Services offered by us involves handling the requirements of Custom excise duty that is levied on import of goods into India at rates specified in Customs Tariff Act, 1975. The Custom excise duty in India comprises Basic Customs Duty (BCD), Countervailing Duty (CVD), Additional Duty of Customs (ADC) and Education Cess. Here, our team of experts makes us well qualified to handle the consultancy demands.
Further, the custom tax advisory services also involves service areas including –
  . Handling requirements of customers in terms of service tax
  . Central excise
  . Customs duty

Import-Export Policy

Import of goods into and export from India is regulated by the Foreign Trade Policy (the Policy) issued from time to time by Government of India. The Policy remains in force for five years and is amended from time to time. The Policy currently in force is for tax year 2015-20. Majority of goods are now freely importable.

Central Excise Duty (CENVAT) Consultancy

Central Excise Duty (CENVAT) is levied on goods manufactured and produced in India. It is levied under the authority of the Central Excise Act, 1944 at the rates prescribed in the First Schedule and Second Schedule to the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985 as amended by Central Excise Tariff (Amendment) Act, 2004. In addition, education cess at 2 per cent on excise duty amount is levied by Finance (No. 2) Act, 2004. The effective rates may be lower pursuant to general /specific notifications issued by the government granting whole or partial exemption from duty. The duty, in most cases, is levied on the basis of value of the excisable goods. Value, for this purpose, with effect from 1 July 2000 is the "transaction value" which is:
  . For delivery at the time and place of removal;
  . Where buyer is not a related person; and
  . Price is the sole consideration.
CENVAT is payable by the manufacturer but is, ordinarily, recovered from the buyer as a part of consideration for sale of goods. To reduce the cascading effect of CENVAT, a scheme known as MODVAT was introduced in 1986, which has now been renamed as CENVAT (effective 1 April, 2000). Under the CENVAT Scheme, a manufacturer can avail of the credit of the central excise duties or additional duties of customs (i.e. CVD) paid on specified inputs and capital goods used in the manufacture of excisable goods and also service tax paid on eligible input services and utilize it in discharging central excise duty on finished excisable goods.

3. Service Tax

We have with us extensive experience in handling the demands of Service Tax Consultancy services that comprise areas like –
  . Service Tax Registration
  . Consultancy on Services as per the applicability of Service tax Act
  . Filing of Service Tax returns in ST-3
  . Consultancy on deposit of monthly service tax of corporate and individuals
  . Maintenance of Service Tax Records
  . Liasioning with respective Authorities
Here, our rich experience allows us to successfully handle all matters pertaining to services including handling of departmental audits. Working in close relation with client organizations, we analyze their needs and based on that perform execution of services, thus ensuring best possible service support is offered from our end. Some of the factors that distinguish us from others include:
  . Rich experience in the field
  . Capability to offer prompt and reliable services

Service areas include:
  . Preparation of returns & challans
  . Handling departmental audit
  . Regarding credit claims