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Impletation of SAP and ERP

Impletation of SAP/ERP

Mybizz Consultants has partners who have proven records of successful execution of end-to-end SAP implementations across diverse industries and enterprise functions. Our implementation experience, in-depth knowledge of business processes and SAP product functionality, ready to deploy solution accelerators and tools to shorten implementation cycle – makes Mybizz Consultants the right sized partner to add value to your enterprise application implementation efforts.
Our established CMMi processes combined with proven SAP ASAP implementation methodology is the hallmark of our SAP implementation services, in the process providing a consistent and quality delivery model, minimal risk, as well as enhanced productivity to every client engagement.

Our implementation and deployment services provide strategic business and technical counsel to our customers by way of:
➥ Business process design and harmonization
➥ Data standardization and consolidations
➥ Global template solution development and rollouts
➥ Legacy data conversion and migration
➥ Independent Testing – manual and automated testing
➥ Product Training – Content development and delivery

Our Value Proposition
➥ Wide technical expertise and experience across numerous vertical industries help quick and efficient deploy of SAP application – manufacturing, retail, services, logistics and transportation.
➥ Dedicated teams to implement mySAP Business suite – ERP, SRM, CRM, SCM, BI, and BO . Deployment and adoption of best practice templates across business process , reducing customizations
➥ IPs – Tool and accelerator based approach resulting in reduction of implementation cost and time
➥ Ready to deploy test cases for SIT and UAT
➥ DataMorphy – Legacy data cleansing and transformation tool and upload tool
➥ Experience in implementing SAP in multiple phased approach. This includes
➥ Phased – Horizontal (Function/Solution)
➥ Phased – Geographies (Region/Zones/Countries)
➥ Phased – Hybrid (Horizontal plus Geographies)