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Basic VAT audit Package (Complete VAT audit)

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In India, VAT Audit is compulsory in all except 4 States, (subject to Turnover limits for the dealers)
Till recently, Delhi was a part of this list. However, the Delhi Government has notified that a Dealer with a Turnover of over Rs. 10 crore has to submit a VAT Audit report. If, in respect of any particular year, the gross turnover of a dealer exceeds sixty lakh rupees or such other amount as may be prescribed, then, such dealer shall submit a report in such manner, form and period as may be notified by the Commissioner.

Who is Liable for VAT Audit

Sr No. Nature of the Dealer – Based upon Turnover Exemption , if any.
1 Dealers whose Gross Turnover does not exceed Rs. 1 crore Not liable for VAT Audit
2 Dealers whose turnover exceeds Rs. 1 crore but is less than Rs. 10 crore Form of Audit Report and its time and manner yet to be notified by the Commissioner.
3 Dealers whose Gross Turnover is Rs. 10 crore or more. 1) Dealers exclusively dealing in Commodities listed in first schedule to the ACT
2) Dealers with 100 % export Turnover.


Audit Report in Form AR?1 to be submitted within Seven and half months from the date of the Financial year.


1. Taxable Sales (including Central Sales)
2. Consignment Sales/ Stock Transfer
3. Job Work Charges (In case of Works Contract, the full value of the contract is considered)
4. Exempted Sales –
  . Goods specified in the First Schedule
  . Penultimate Exports u/s 5(3) of the CST Act
  . Labour & Service Charges involved in the execution of Works Contract
  . Sale of Capital Goods (Refer section 6(3) of DVAT)
  . Dealers specified in the Fifth Schedule Others

How to Calculate Gross Turnover
Particulars Rs.
Sale within Delhi Taxable under DVAT ACT ***
Add:?Inter State Sale ***
Add:? Sale in Course of Import and export including penultimate export ***
Add:? Stock Transfer from Delhi to Branches/agents in Other State ***
Add:? Excise Duty (Local and Central) and Custom Duty ***
Less:? DVAT/CST payable by the dealer .. ( If already included) ***
Less:? Cost of Freight or delivery separately charged in the Invoice provided that the ownership of the goods is not transferred at the buyer’s place ***
Less:? Cost of installation separately charged in the Invoice ***
Gross Turnover ****

Points for Discussion – Gross Turnover
1. Turnover as per DVAT Return or P & L Account.
2. Turnover of Delhi office or Entire Entity
3. Turnover of 2011?12 and 2012?13?A criteria
4. Exemption to Dealers exclusively dealing in Exempted Goods.
5. Exemption to Dealers with 100 percent Export Turnover