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Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company

Annual Compliance for Startups
(Annual Compliance for Startups upto a turnover of 20 Lakhs)

Rs.15000/- all-inclusive

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Annual Compliances without Tax Audit
“Annual Compliance without Tax Audit ( Turnover less Than 1 Crore for Trading and Less Than 25 Lakhs for Service)”

Rs. 20000/- all-inclusive

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Annual Compliance with tax Audit
(For Turnover above 1 Crore in Trading and Rs 25 Lakhs in Service)

Rs. 40000/- all-inclusive

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Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company

Every Pvt Ltd shall comply with Annual Requirements of ROC and Income Tax and shall file
1. Income Tax Return every year before 30th Sep (For A/Y 2016-17 due date is 17th October 2016).
2.File Form MGT-7 – Statement of Disclosure of Shareholders and Directors – within 60 days from Date of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
3. File Form AOC-4 – Annual Accounts of Companies before 30th October every year.

Procedure For Annual Compalince fulfilment Procedure

1. Maintain Proper Books of Accounts.
2. Prepare and File Balance Sheet.
3. Get your accounts Audited by Chartered Accountant.
4. File Form ADT-1, AOC-4 and MGT-7 with ROC.
5. File Income Tax Returns with Income Tax Department.


Need for Annual Complaince
Late filing or non-filing of Annual Return before the due date will attract a penalty 12 Times of Normal Fees.
Further, the Company cannot be wound-up or closed without filing of the return. Therefore, it is best to file the Annual Return within the due dates.


Following documents are required for Audit, ITR filing and ROC filling of your Company-

1. Bank Statements of all accounts in the name of Company.

2. Sales Tax/Service/TDS Tax returns, if any.

3. Invoices of all purchases and sales.

4. Invoices of all types of expenses.

5. Previous Year’s Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet.

6. All the Assets and Liabilities of the Company